World Cup Rules; Mid-year Adjustment (Covid)

April 28, 2021

As the year unfolds and Covid continues to drive alterations to the race calendar, WUCA has revised the rules for the World Cup competion, enabling more participants and more flexibility for substitution of record attempts in lieu of races.  The ranking system and associated points scale are unchanged, but with the two changes below, we are hopeful that racers will be better able to put their fitness to the test and earn rankings accordingly.  The new rules document will be uploaded shortly (the current version is available to members via the button at top right of your screen when logged in, labeled "Member Resources".  Select "UltraCycling Rules" from the drop-down menu, then the "View/Download" button under Challenge Series.)


1. Instead of the original requirement that a rider complete one event in each of the four categories in order to be officially ranked, that requirement is now for a minimum of two from the four categories.  Of course, completing events in all four will yield a higher point tally and likely better ranking, but all riders who register for the competition and complete events in at least two categories will be ranked at year-end.

2. The original rules allowed for substitution of one record attempt in lieu of a race from the public calendar.  This allowance for record substitutions is now for two attempts vs the original one.  As originally written, a record attempt substitution will be scored consistent with the duration (distance or time) based on equivalent race event category.

Finally, the deadline for registration has been moved out to May 15.  Remember, only riders who have registered for this competition will earn points and be ranked accordingly.  Registration is free and can be filed by email to .