Mario Favinia

Mario Favinia

Sesto Calende, Italy

December 27, 2020

Why should someone try ultracycling for the first time?

Ultracycling is something that push you to the limit: you'll learn so much things about yourself, your strength and your weaknesses. You'll become more self-confident, and this is gonna be a great boost also for your everyday life. Riding non stop for 12, 24 or more hours, into the dark night or under the hot sun brings you totally out of your comfort-zone, far away from your job, family and routine: a ritual experience that 's gonna change your point of view on life.

Why do you compete in ultracycling?

Cycling to the limit is more a basic need than just a passion for me. Modern life routine, with all its comforts, have never been enough for me. I need to test myself, to find my limits and do something hard. For hundred thousands years mankind used to live a really tough life, totally different from ours: we are not genetically different from our ancestors, and we still need to have strong experiences.

What is the single best lesson you have learned from ultracycling?

Thinking economy. Every unsaved watt is a waste of energy, and the same happens with my mind. I discovered that the most important thing to do my best in ultracycling is to free my mind from all the unnecessary thinkings, back to a basic, instinctual mind-form: don't think, just be in the flow.

  • 2nd at the 2020 European 12H Ultracycling Championships
  • 2nd at the 2020 UltrApuane Experience
  • 4th at the 2020 Ultracycling Dolomitica 380 self supported
  • 6th at the Italian Ultracycling Championships 12H
  • 2nd in the Ultrafondo Cup 2020
  • 3rd in the Italian Time Trial Cup 2020